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Flores (black and Puerto Rican studies, Hunter Coll.; sociology, CUNY Graduate Ctr.) has written widely on Latino and Puerto Rican culture. In this new book, he focuses on the progression of Puerto Rican culture in the United States over the past half-century. He analyzes developments in music, literature, and other elements of popular culture and compares Puerto Rican culture to that of other Latino groups in the United States. He follows some interesting trends, such as the building of casitas, shacks modeled after the traditional rural homes in Puerto Rico, as cultural centers in urban U.S. settings. Flores also discusses aspects of Puerto Rican musical influence, including the Latin Boogaloo craze of 1966-68. He celebrates Puerto Rican cultural accomplishments while encouraging further achievement. While academic in format and tone, Flores's writing is accessible to the interested lay reader. For academic libraries or public libraries with a special interest in the subject.DGwen M. Gregory, New Mexico State Univ., Las Cruces
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From Bomba to Hip-Hop shows a probing scholar with his hand firmly but gently on the pulse of cultural formations that would have eluded most of the rest of us. Who else but Juan Flores explores the complexities of Latino life with both sociological depth and a keen ear for popular musical cadences and literary innovation? -- Doris Sommer, Harvard University

As our music becomes popular, our books become classroom texts, our foods deck the covers of magazines, and we are lauded as the new spice of American culture-or alternatively feared as its new invaders-we become lumped together as Latinos and Hispanics: the new millennial minority. All the more need for a book like Juan Flores's From Bomba to Hip-Hop, an encyclopedic and yet deftly written study of Puerto Rican culture and Latino identity. . . . [This book] helps define our complexities, tell our history, and map our future. -- Julia Alvarez, author of How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

The latest work by Juan Flores, the most prominent thinker on the most current topics debated in Latino studies....indispensable. -- Review

There is nothing like From Bomba to Hip-Hop at present-certainly no other book that combines in-depth experience with the culture, the sophistication of the author's theoretical foundations, and the eloquence of his style. -- George Yzdice, New York University

Author(s) Book :Juan Flores
Publish Year :2000 Publisher : Columbia University Press
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 0231110766/9780231110761
Pages :272

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