Time's Eye

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Plot :

In the Dawn times, Seeker, an ape woman, is looking at the stars when the world shivers around her, while in 2037 Bisesa Dutt and her companions are flying an observation helicopter in Pakistan. Josh White and Rudyard Kipling are journalists acting as correspondents in the same land, though the year is now 1885. Back in 2037, a trio of astronauts don't notice the shift so much. They're still in space, riding the ferry down to the planet. Little do any of them know what this Discontinuity will do. But soon they all discover the world they know is hopelessly changed forever, chunks of different eras, different people, different years cut out of their proper time and stitched back together like a scrap work quilt. The observers in the helicopter are shot down by a rebel, but before they land they manage to communicate with the astronauts. Both groups realize that there is only one strong signal left on the planet -- at Babylon.

The astronauts crash land near the Mongol army, led by none other than Genghis Khan. One of them is swiftly murdered and the others manage to convince the Khan that they're helpers sent from heaven. The rest end up joining the entourage of Alexander the Great. It becomes a race of sorts, for one army to get to Babylon and its signal before the other, a face-off between two of the most well known and often ruthless conquerors that our world has ever known.

Author(s) Book :Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen Baxte
Publish Year :1970 Publisher :
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