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Think of the construction of the great pyramids of Egypt, or the development of democratic rule in ancient Greece. Recall the innovations of the European Renaissance and Enlightenmentthe remarkable flowering of drama and the arts, and revolutionary breakthroughs in science and philosophy.

These are intriguing and important episodes, familiar to students of history. But haven't you also wondered: What else was going on in the world?

Consider the enthralling tales of Venetian trader Marco Polo. He introduced the Western world to mysterious and exotic Asian cultures never before imagined. Those alien civilizations he visited had existed for centuries, even millennia. What do we know about that part of the story?


Course Lecture Titles

01. What and Why Is World History?02. The Neolithic Revolution03. What Is a Civilization?04. The Classical Period in World History05. Cultural Change in the Classical Period06. Social Inequalities in Classical Societies07. The Roman Empire and Han China08. The Silk Road; Classical Period Contacts09. The Decline of the Classical Civilizations10. The Postclassical Period, 500145011. World Religions and Their Consequences12. The Impact of Islam13. Postclassical Trade and Contacts14. Postclassical Patterns of Imitation15. Western Civilization in World Context16. The Mongol Years17. Civilizations in the Americas and in Africa18. The World in 145019. The Early Modern Period, 1450175020. The World Economy, 1450175021. Transformations in Western Europe22. The Rise of Russia23. Asian Empires and a Shogunate24. The Long 19th Century25. Abolition of Slavery and Serfdom26. Modernization and Nationalisms27. Formation of Latin American Civilization28. China and Japan19th-Century Pressures29. The 20th21st Centuries as a New Period30. The World EconomyChange and Continuity31. An Age of Revolutions32. The United States in World History33. Contemporary Democracy34. Contemporary Cultural Change35. Gender in Contemporary World History36. Globalization and World History

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