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Professing (in a brief author's note) his fondness for thegenuinely evil Nosferatu of classic vampire fiction, Wilson(Gateways) concocts a garish B-movie scenario, an expansion ofa 1990 novella with the same title, in which armies of the un-deaddecimate Europe and later make the New York metropolitan area theirprivate feeding trough. An organized human insurgency begins whenFather Joe Cahill, a recovering alcoholic, reclaims his desecrated NewJersey parish and joins forces with his activist niece, Lacey, andCarole Hanarty, a nun who makes explosives for her own vendetta withthe "Vichy" (i.e., human collaborators). When vampires chomp FatherJoe to suppress the revolt, he knows he has only two weeks before hisfull vampire conversion to launch a counterattack. All the novel'scharacters are as outsized and engaging as comic book heroes andvillains. Though Wilson intentionally invokes well-known vampireclichésâ€"the repellant power of the cross, grisly death by sunexposure, etc.â€"he also works crafty new angles on his theme,among them vampire bloodlust paralleling the selfish excesses of humanMe-Generation types. Still, but for a few twists, there's little herethat hasn't already been attempted in novels ranging from RichardMatheson's I Am Legend (an acknowledged influence) to YvonneNavarro's Afterage (1993).
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*Starred Review* In Wilson's creepy, terrifying thriller, vampires are rapidly taking over the planet. They've got Europe, and now they're encroaching on the East Coast of the U.S. In New Jersey, Carole, a nun, witnesses the death and transformation into a vampire of her best friend. After killing the vampire who used to be her friend, Carole becomes a vigilante, killing vampires and "cowboys," the humans who have aligned themselves with the vampires. She saves a rabbi, Zev, who is seeking Father Joe, hoping to enlist him in the fight against the vampires. Joe's niece Lacey has turned up with the same idea, but Joe himself is trying to drink away his problems. Zev and Lacey, however, succeed in drawing him into the fight, and all three head to St. Anthony's Church to retake it from vampires led by Father Palmeri, a corrupt priest-turned-vampire. But when the vampires capture Joe, the stakes are raised in ways neither side could have imagined. Wilson makes his vampires truly frightening and the eerie atmosphere of the book not unlike that of the movie 28 Days Later. The undead might have every advantage, but the likable, compelling mortals in this gripping read aren't giving up easily. Kristine Huntley
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Author(s) Book :Larry Niven
Publish Year :1994 Publisher : Del Rey
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 0345381688/9780345381682
Pages :288

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