Arithmetic of p-adic Modular Forms

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The central topic of this research monograph is the relation between p-adic modular forms and p-adic Galois representations, and in particular the theory of deformations of Galois representations recently introduced by Mazur. The classical theory of modular forms is assumed known to the reader, but the p-adic theory is reviewed in detail, with ample intuitive and heuristic discussion, so that the book will serve as a convenient point of entry to research in that area. The results on the U operator and on Galois representations are new, and will be of interest even to the experts. A list of further problems in the field is included to guide the beginner in his research. The book will thus be of interest to number theorists who wish to learn about p-adic modular forms, leading them rapidly to interesting research, and also to the specialists in the subject.

Author(s) Book :Fernando Q. Gouvea
Publish Year :1988 Publisher : Springer
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 3540189467/9783540189466
Pages :131

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